Kimberly DeSimone and I (Pauline Hoffmann) would like to welcome you to our inaugural March Into Women’s History Bracket. The idea was a simple one and came about because a student didn’t realize that March was Women’s History Month. Kimberly and I are both passionate advocates for women and women’s rights and were bothered that more attention is paid to college basketball brackets than to the fight women have fought and continue to fight.

Before anyone gets upset – as employees of St. Bonaventure University, a Division I school in the Atlantic 10 Conference – we love basketball! This is not intended to denigrate sport but rather to shine the spotlight on women throughout history to the present day.

We invited a group of people from across campus to help us in our endeavor. We would like to thank the following St. Bonaventure University colleagues and contributors to our effort:

  • Danette Brickman, associate professor and chair, political science
  • Alva Cellini, Ph.D. professor and chair, modern languages, director, women’s studies program
  • Anne-Claire Fisher, associate professor, education
  • Anne Foerst, Ph.D. associate professor, computer science, director, individualized major program
  • Matrecia James, Ph.D., dean, School of Business
  • Mary Rose Kubal, Ph.D. associate professor, political science, program director, international studies
  • Anne Lee, lecturer,┬ácommunication
  • Jennifer Pulver, event sales and marketing manager
  • Parker Suddeth, coordinator, Damietta Center, multicultural affairs guru, token man
  • Xiao-Ning Zhang, Ph.D. associate professor, biology

A huge thank you to our interns led by Stephanie Kennedy and to our graduate assistant Hannah Gordon for helping make this happen.

We connected to decide on the 16 women you see in each category. Make no mistake, there was lively discussion about who should and should not make the cut. Inevitably, women in each category were not included. It is exciting to note that there are more than 16 women in each category who have made or continue to make a difference in the respective field. What we considered:

  • Firsts – women who were “first” in a particular area received consideration
  • Diversity – we made sure to include women from diverse backgrounds
  • Global – women were chosen from an international pool
  • Historic – women are from many eras

Tell us about who we’ve missed! Comment on this blog, comment on Facebook (March Into Women’s History), Twitter or Instagram (MarchIntoWHM). Tell us why you voted as you did. Tell us how these women have had an impact on your own life.

Please vote for the women in our bracket. For the entire bracket, please click march-madness-bracket.

Vote as often as you like. Share with your friends. Let’s start the conversation!


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