For more information about March Into Women’s History, please contact Dr. Pauline W. Hoffmann, associate professor, or Kimberly DeSimone, lecturer, Jandoli School of Communication at St. Bonaventure University.

Pauline W. Hoffmann

Kimberly DeSimone

Here’s How It Works

Please go to our website ( – you are already here) to read about each of the dynamic women in our 2018 bracket. The women are divided into four categories and each category has a page on the website:

  • Women in Technology and Engineering
  • Women in Sports
  • Women in Performing Arts
  • Women in Journalism and Literature

You may also view information using our Facebook (March Into Women’s History), and Twitter (marchintowhm) accounts.

Voting is over until next year when we submit a new bracket.

The bracket march-madness-bracket 1 and March Into Women’s History need you! Please take a look at the bios and vote accordingly. We generated the placements randomly, you may not like the placement of the women, but we wanted to make the process as fair as possible. Vote as often as you like. Share the information with your friends so that they may participate.

Join the Conversation!

Please join the conversation on Twitter, Facebook,  and the website. Tell us why you chose the women you did. Tell us who we’ve missed (there are so many extraordinary women in each category that there are bound to be some you would like to have seen). Tell us why Women’s History Month is so important. Share your thoughts.

Important Dates

We started our bracket with 64 women. We need to narrow that down to one woman! Please keep the following dates in mind.

  • Starting February 22, 2018 begin voting in the first round. You will have until midnight, March 1 to vote. We will narrow the field from 64 to 32.
  • March 2 we will announce the next round and start voting. We will narrow the field from 32 to 16.
  • The Sweet 16 will be announced on March 6 at our kickoff event in the Quick Center for the Arts atrium.
  • On March 7 we will start voting to narrow the field to our Elite 8.
  • March 15 we will announce the Elite 8 and start voting to narrow to our Final Four.
  • The Final Four will be announced on March 22. Voting will start to narrow the field to our final two women.
  • March 29 we will start voting for our final woman.
  • She will be announced on April 4, 2018 in the morning via email, this website and social media.